Artist and activist Shellyne Rodriguez discusses Ja’Tovia Gary’s, An Ecstatic Experience, and how the film explores strategies for survival in the current political moment.
The Launch of Night Studio @ MoMA
On Art & Gentrification... In solidarity with Decolonize This Place
Tamar Rice project reignited by BWA BLM at the New Museum
Erasure By Exclusion: How Art Schools and Institutions Uphold White Supremacy
MoMA Blog:  Moving Through the Migration Series: An Interview with Kerry Downey and Shellyne Rodriguez
Shadows and Selves: MoMA Collaborates with Midtown Community Court’s UPNEXT Program
In the Bronx, a Pop-up Art Show Is a Lightning Rod for Fear of Gentrification
Art and Activism: The Young Lords at El Museo del Barrio
No Longer Empty: The Art Is Fine, But What About the Real Estate?
Artist talk @ Open Source Gallery
Making the invisible visible: How art influences and impacts poverty and cities
TALLY as performance
Tally as performance
Dia de Los Muertos altar project
Featured Artist on Rhino Horn Group
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